Is CyberEasy PCI compliant?

You need to be compliant with PCI DSS standards

In the same way that you can use Microsoft Windows or Linux as the operating system on a PCI Certified host, you can also use CyberEasy on a PCI certified system. As long as actual payment data is not sent to CyberEasy there are no compliance issues.

The advantage of CyberEasy over other Security Analytics solutions is that it's guaranteed that CyberEasy does not need to connect into your environment, and no extra special permissions or exceptions need to be granted for CyberEasy to monitor any system, ensuring that it is kept segregated from the certified environment.

Knogin processes payments through PCI DSS compliant payment providers such as Stripe in order to manage your subscription payments. We are not PCI Certified as an Organisation to handle other payment data. This is because CyberEasy is designed to detect attacks against systems which may be PCI DSS compliant, but should never receive any Credit Card or Payment information outside of your own subscription information, such as through debug logs.