Can you CyberEasy notify me of zero days?

You'd like to know if the CyberEasy Platform can detect 0day malware and vulnerabilities.

CyberEasy works by using a technique called Profiling.

Profiling is performed on Devices, Subnets, Applications and Users. As the software is installed, over time it begins to learn patterns and behaviors on these four things and automatically creates a profile.

Once a user, application, device or subnet deviates from that profile, an alert is raised and the system provides a notification with a specific score based on severity. Based on this anomaly detection, zero-days are usually detectable.

CyberEasy also finds FUD malware using the same techniques. FUD in this case stands for "Fully UnDetectable".

Where, in many cases, CyberEasy will alert based on known malware and other information which is included in our Threat Intel Databases, generally, our most valuable detection mechanisms come from our profiling techniques.