Where do I download the Windows agent from?

You've recently signed up for an account and you would like to install the Windows agent on a computer with a Windows Operating System

The agent is available to you once you have logged into your account at https://portal.knogin.cloud. You'll find a menu on the left-hand-side menu toward the bottom:

Download CyberEasy-1

Once you click "Downloads", you're presented with a subcategory, called "CyberEASY" - select that and then you will the "Products" page, from there you select 'Download for Windows', choose the desired version (64 or 32 bits).

Download version


After selecting the version a window will appear, with the available downloads, now choose the version of your need, MSI or EXE by clicking in the blue icon beside each version, your serial number (License Key) is at the top of that window, you will need that serial number later for the installation.