What is an agent?

You've heard that you need to download an agent to get the software to work and you'd like to know what it does.

Knogin offers software called an Agent which is installed on a computer after signup. The agent is necessary on desktops, laptops and servers.

An agent will collect important information called "telemetry" data, which is a set of logs which tell us things such as if someone tried to login but failed or succeeded. We then send those logs to the Knogin Cloud for analysis so that we can determine if there is malicious behavior, such as a criminal trying to guess your password, or if you just mistyped it.

There are some cases where installing an agent is not necessary or possible, such as on a network device like a firewall or router. In cases like that, depending on your subscription, we can take logs via Syslog, flows or taps.