Why is Threat Intelligence important?

You'd like to know why you need Threat Intelligence and how it benefits you.

Most successful compromises on the Internet happen through deception. Criminals will try to trick you into connecting to a malicious link, or downloading an infected file. It's often difficult to tell that you're being tricked, especially if someone sends you to goog1e.com and you think you're going to google.com (note: the first link has the letter L replaced with the number "one").

Knogin tracks these tricksters by monitoring their domain names, IP addresses, behaviors and files. If we suspect that one we've seen before is trying to interact with you, we'll alert you to that fact so that you can either proceed with caution or stop them in their tracks.

Without this kind of intelligence, it's more difficult for you to know if what you're doing is going to bring you harm or good.